2 More Dems Caught Up In Senator Lindsay-Clinton Foundation Scandal Forced To Resign

The free ride of Democrat government corruption is crashing down.                                                                             .

Senator Malcolm Waterman Of Colorado and Representative Benson Willows of Nebraska, both Democrats, will resign their seats in the wake of the scandal involving a massive amount of drugs being moved between Senator Hal Lindsay and the Clinton company that owned the fleet of ships that distributed them to the world.

The scandal went so deep that Lindsay was assassinated while in protective custody after agreeing to cooperate in the prosecution of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Waterman and Willows have both stated that their involvement stopped at receiving bribes to look the other way and that neither one of them ever had any contact with anyone related to Clinton or their foundation.

Smart move. People who know things about the Clintons tend to end up dead.

Both men say they will resign when their sessions are gaveled in Monday. In Colorado, the Governor will appoint a replacement senator until Waterman’s term is up and in Nebraska, the seat will be vacated and a special election held in November to fill it.

The specifics of their crimes aren’t being released as a part of their plea deal to resign from Congress, but rumor has it both men accepted campaign contributions in massive amounts to look the other way when they found out Lindsay used taxpayer money to set up his marijuana and poppy growing operation. On top of their expulsion from public service, the men will also forfeit their campaign funds to charity and pay $160K in fines.

That is how the swamp gets drained.

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