REPORT: This Is How Many Babies The Top 4 ‘Feminist’ Liberal Comedians Have Killed

What do all of the most popular female comedians have in common, besides not being funny at all? They all vehemently support the liberal terrorist group Planned Parenthood for good reason: none of them can close her legs for more than five minutes!

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Freedom Crossroads has obtained an exclusive report from a trusted conservative mole who is working inside the Planned Parenthood organization to find out their dirty secrets. Our source uncovered each woman’s private medical records and is sharing them with us today to expose these women as the despicable people they are:

Amy Schumer: 3 confirmed abortions

We were also surprised that she had the fewest, although it’s likely she went to other countries for them as well.

Lena Dunham: 4 confirmed abortions

She’s still young. We’re sure she’ll catch up to her baby-murdering “sisters” someday.

Chelsea Handler: 7 confirmed abortions

That sounds about right for this hardcore libtard harlot.

Sarah Silverman: 12 (yes, you read that right) confirmed abortions

We always knew she had loose morals, but this is truly shocking! How can anyone justify these criminal acts??????? Disgusting!!!!!! 

The real question is, how do these hideously ugly “feminists” keep finding men who will have relations with them?

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Oh, yeah… there are a TON of wimpy male snowflakes with no standards! Just ask their king, Barack Obama!

(Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you and/or make you sick!)