BREAKING NEWS: MAJOR Voter Fraud Discovery–Another State Goes In Trump’s Win Column

Trump was right about voter fraud.                                                                              .

After a major discovery from over a dozen counties in Ohio, Secretary of State James Shoemocker has re-certified the election there as a win for Donald Trump. While the electoral college doesn’t have any kind of system in place to change their vote once it has been recorded, the final vote tally of the general election will swing in Trump’s favor by more than 3.5 million votes, giving him not only an electoral landslide but the win for popular vote as well.

The discovery came as voting machines, placed by a supposedly non-partisan company, were discovered to have been planted by the Soros Corporation with memory cards pre-programmed to switch 4 out of 5 votes from Trump to Clinton. After the election, the machines were all stored and their memory cards destroyed except for one on display in a local museum in Defiance, where a tainted memory card was found.

This means very little for the election itself since Trump won, but it does kill the notion that a majority of Americans voted for Clinton and Trump only won due to some electoral hiccup in the system. The voting machines used in Ohio were also used in 4 other states. The Justice Department is currently investigating.

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  1. Halelulla finallywe can toss out the Meme But Clintonwonthe popular vote! President is correct again there was voter fraud! And we were warned in advance that states w Soros voting machines were suspect!

  2. This is the greatest thing to ever happen to an educated troll. Keep up the awesome work exposing the ignorance. Oh you should totally do a donation box like

  3. The biggest question is WHAT, if anything, WILL be done to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

    This has to be corrected if we are to remain a free, Constitutional Republic.

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