Democrats Are Going After Your Grandchildren–And It’s Working

The Democrat party is engaging in a campaign to start indoctrinating children as young as 8-years-old.                           .

Through a program slipped into the Department of Education before Betsy DeVos took over, Democrats have been shaping the minds of young Americans with warped and corrupt ideas about marriage, homosexuality, abortion and socialism. The program, administered by more than 14,000 schools in 35 states, uses subliminal messaging and lessons spoken by the teacher that the children don’t take home to show their parents.

One of the most disturbing parts of the curriculum is for 5th-graders. They are being taught that if they choose not to go to college, the best thing to do in America today is to embrace being gay or become transgender so they can make the most of the special rights those groups are demanding. They are told they’ll get free welfare checks, food stamps, iPhones and even a free car in some cases if they refuse to work and instead volunteer for political campaigns. Whose campaigns? While no party is mentioned, we all know who young, impressionable minds who are led away from God and towards homosexuality will vote for, don’t we?

6th-Graders are being taught that there is no God. They are being told flat out that in order for God to exist the world could not. Their warped “science” discredits original sin and celebrates people using their free will to “overcome the bondage of religion.”

In 7th-grade, your children and grandchildren are being taught that the heroes of modern times are people like Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Amy Schumer and Alec Baldwin. They are told to boycott shows starring conservative actors like Scott Baio and Jon Voight. They are taught that the disgusting humor of Sarah Silverman is pure and that wholesome, family shows like Fuller House are geared towards religious indoctrination.

The program goes on right through high school. when kids are then taught to register as Democrats to help save the trees and stop the hoax of global warming and to fight for the rights of gay people who have more rights than any of us normal people. It’s not just in the USA, either. Across the planet, leftist educators are pushing for new programs like this in hopes of changing the way the world thinks, converting us all to Islam and making us sheep to their free stuff.

Stop the leftist, globalist agenda. Call the Department of Education and demand to know if your children or grandchildren are attending a “Title 16” school. That’s the code for the schools running this program. The number is 1-800-872-5327. Then call the White House and let President Trump know you support the initiative already attacking this program at its core. Just tell the switchboard operator your name and that you support initiative DOE42L. That number is 202-456-1414.

It’s time to fight back!

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