Nancy Pelosi’s Drug-Dealing Daughters Attacked In Witness Protection

Someone with extremely high clearance gave sensitive information about the location of Nancy Pelosi’s daughters Naomi and Michelle to someone capable of destroying an entire hotel in hopes of killing two young women.

The West Berkshire Windsor in Mannasett, Massachusetts went up in flames in what investigators are calling a clear case of arson. The Pelosi girls were being temporarily housed there by the US Marshals Service until they could be set up with housing through a trial and then with new lives.

Two Marshals who were in the right place at the right time managed to get the women to safety. They were placed in a vehicle and transported to an undisclosed location. There are no reports on their safety or condition as their escorts have gone completely dark.

Nobody has any proof that they’re involved nor will anyone bother to ask them for a statement, but it seems pretty obvious that the Clintons are behind this obvious assassination attempt. Hopefully, word will come soon that the women are safe and ready to move forward with their testimony.

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