Hannity Just Destroyed Every Libtard On God’s Planet With This EPIC Response (TWEET)

The loony left tried to convince us today that their lies are valid and failed with their fake news narratives, as usual. President Trump is a man of THE PEOPLE. President Trump isn’t used to wading in the swamp. Anything he said was obviously totally innocent because he us a caring man who is concerned about his friend, the true patriot Michael Flynn.

Brave people like President Trump and Sean Hannity know the real deal and that is why they wisely use their Twitter accounts to reach out to us without the lying media messing with their message. Who agrees with me that Sean is SO RIGHT!

Hannity just Tweeted out a few minutes ago:

.@DonaldJTrumpJr: “The left has overplayed their hand so much… It’s been so ridiculous, so over-the-top, so extreme.” #Hannity

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) June 9, 2017

Go to Hell, liberals. That’s who it was built for.

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