Here’s How 800 Illegal Aliens From The Middle East Just Waltzed Across The American Border

Illegal aliens, most of whom are from places like Libya , Lebanon and Syria, are taking advantage of their skin tone, learning to fake Spanish accents and crossing the border disguised as Mexicans. Not that their method of crossing is any more legal, but if they’re caught, they’re simply bussed back to the nearest Mexican border crossing where they can try again the next day.

Border officials say they have confirmation that over 800 of these imposters have crossed the border in the past week alone. They are asking for your help in identifying them. If you see an illegal immigrant with a suspicious accent, please stay away. These people could be dangerous ISIS terrorists. Violence in the streets is what they want.

Snap a picture with your phone and text it to 91911 along with the nearest landmark. Your text will be encrypted and nobody will know you filed the report. A satellite will image the area and the report will be processed withing 10 minutes. Once again, do NOT approach or accuse anyone of anything illegal. You will only alert them to go into hiding or to push the button on their suicide vest early.

Our president is counting on your help. God bless Trump and God bless America.

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