How Much Do You Know About Senator Hal Lindsay?

Herman “Hal” Lindsay was the Junior Senator from New Jersey before his life was turned upside down and ultimately ended early this month. After the fed raided his ranch in Wyoming and found a drug trade worthy of the term “trafficking” and “Kingpin,” Lindsay found himself caught up in a scandal involving the Clintons and lo and behold…he ended up dead.

Lindsay Grew up in Montana to adoptive parents and was homeschooled until he was nine when the family made the move to Newport, Rhode Island. There Hal became a popular athlete and scholar in school and a respected member of the community on the outside, but a troubled teen with a strong liking for drugs and alcohol.

Thus, when it became time to get involved with politics, he joined the Democrats — the party of “it’s OK if you’re a degenerate, you can still get elected.” After several low-level elections to town councils and school boards, he ended up Mayor of Camden, New Jersey. Before he knew it, he worked his way into a seat as a Senator next to Cory Booker.

The dream didn’t last long. Lindsay, a Democrat and true scumbag liberal, voted to give your money to lazy people, blocked the defunding of Planned Parenthood, basically killing tens of thousands of babies, and tried to make residents in his state register their guns and store them in a safe place, locked up where they do you no good in the middle of the night when Al Quaeda comes knocking.

Still, he served his country, in a sad and shameful way, and for that at least he should be commended. His family didn’t try to have him buried at Arlington or bring much attention to his services at all, most likely knowing that in these times, people just want to be all done with Hal Lindsay.

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