BREAKING: Pockets Of Architecture ‘Perfect For Concealing Bodies’ Discovered At Clinton Library

The Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock is considered on of the finer pieces of architecture in the state. During a seminar last week at the University of Houston, however, a student pointed out something about the building that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

In between mechanical rooms were what appeared to be empty spaces filled with concrete for no apparent reason. They serve no structural nor functional purpose. The building has 43 of them altogether, which is, conveniently, slightly higher than the 41 people the Clintons had allegedly murdered at the time the property was developed.

Would the Clintons, or Bill Clinton, to be more specific, be so brazen as to put the victims of the lifelong swath of destruction they’ve left for grieving families close enough to visit? The layout of the library has a picture on the wall for each of the pockets hidden behind it. All of the pictures are different.

All of that was enough to get a warrant from a federal judge to image the walls and bring cadaver dogs. Lead investigator Dana Kieth said the architect is also being sought after but that he may have died a few years ago:

“We have a dozen experts and anyone who’s ever read a blueprint baffled by this. Several actually looked at the pockets and said ‘is that where they hid the bodies?’ It may sound like a joke but it truly is not.

To put it in perspective — we have no evidence. We have a blueprint. Yet it is so odd that a federal judge, a LIBERAL federal judge, gave us a warrant to check it out.”

Had it not been for that college student in Texas it may have never been figured out. The Clinton Library Foundation says there has never been a request for the building’s blueprints, though they are public record except for some proprietary info.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.


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