Democrat Senator’s Son Shot In Mosque Raid Trying To ‘Die For Allah’

The FBI’s Anti-Terror Task Force made a huge bust today at a Mosque just outside Fort Dixon, Tennessee. A terrorist cell calling themselves “ant Ghabiun” was reportedly operating with a dedicated force of both illegal Syrian refugees and homegrown recruits.

The cell had detailed plans of several airports, seaports, shopping malls and sports stadiums along with enough explosives to blow a huge hole in some unsuspecting city. Even with all of that, the worst discovery was yet to come.

Young Avery Dillon, son of Tennessee Senator Jonathon Matthews, was in the mosque at the time of the bust and had to be non-lethally shot before he could make it to a self-destruct bomb embedded in the walls and ceiling of the mosque.

An undercover agent who worked for months to infiltrate the cell said he knew the man was someone he recognized but never made the connection:

“He goes by ‘Nilina al Alsahashaha.’ It translates roughly to ‘small man with large ambitions.’ He was certain that Allah was smiling on his mission, which was to martyr himself by killing more than the 3000 people lost on 9/11.

When we found out his Dad was John Matthews we about shit our pants.”

Senator Matthews told reporters months ago that he hadn’t seen his son and that he feared he may be in the middle of a psychotic episode. The truth is probably much simpler. This kid was converted to Islam, dad knew it and invented a cover for when this day happened.

Sorry, Senator. You raised it, you own it. Looks like you’d be better off in the Democrat party where terrorists get elected President.

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