Trump Forced To Take Drastic Action After Trey Gowdy’s Murderer Got Away

President Trump was forced into action today when the saga around Trey Gowdy’s disappearance, return and subsequent murder showed just how far the Deep State Shadow Government has truly infiltrated. At Bethesda, with armed guards and round the clock supervision, a man identified as an assassin named “Gilligan” managed to find a way to finish the job he started.

ORIGINAL STORY: Trey Gowdy Dead In His Hospital Room Of Unknown Causes

The working theory is that the man never expected Gowdy to wake up. With Trey awake and an assassin able to walk in and kill him, Trump decided to close down the government for the 4th of July break a full 5 hours early, leaving employees to struggle to fill demands and quotas before being sent home.

Trump also authorized the federalization of the National Guard if necessary and had papers drawn up for the institution of martial law should that have needed to be applied. Could you imagine how much better it would feel if Trump pulled the martial law trigger than if Obama had? We’d all be living in FEMA camps. Trump defunded FEMA.

Trump was willing to put the weight of the United States Government on this guy and was “relieved” when he heard he had been turned into chopped sirloin instead with his apprentice also caught and gunned down in the street. The troops could stand down and America could continue to run as the constitutional republic God intended.

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