LEAKED: Map Shows How Many Bombs Obama Dropped And Where

President Trump is under fire when Obama was 1000 times worse.

Obama was nothing more than a warlord. He pulled the boots off the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan not to keep soldiers safe but to clear the way for the most horrifying bombing campaign the world has ever known.

This map, leaked by a Pentagon official and redrawn for the layman by The Independent, shows where Obama’s 26,171 bombs landed. Most of them in Syria and Iraq in a futile show of force against ISIS that was a complete failure:


And that’s just 2016. Multiply that times 8 years and all of a sudden the Nobel Peace Prize winner was closer to Hitler and Stalin than Gandhi. He dropped more than a quarter of a million bombs on the same people he says he was trying to save, while funding terrorism through the back door as well.

He truly hates America. He apparently also hates his homeland. “Targeted strikes” may cause less damage and kill fewer civilians, but they still kill people. At least Trump bombed an abandoned airfield and only caused minor damage. THAT is an effective show of force. There’s no need to kill people when you make your point with 60 Tomahawks.

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