Libtard Democrat Chuck Schumer Disgraced, Forced To Resign

Libtard Democrat Chuck Schumer will resign his seat as US Senator and Minority Leader this morning after learning that the White House has enough on him to ruin his marriage and send him to jail. Rather than face the backlash and vindictive response from the Trump administration to his requests to play ball, Schumer will resign, deny all of the allegations and spend the next 7 1/2 years under investigation by Trey Gowdy.

This was a great move by Trump. Not only does he get rid of a huge political opponent, he shows America that our elected officials can be compromised and forced to do as they’re told. No more of this pussyfooting around with majority votes and filibusters…either get in line of get out.

One of these days the Democrats will realize they can’t keep up with the winning strategy of the Republican party. It doesn’t matter how many more votes the Dems get, the GOP continues to grow stronger. With Schumer out of the way it will grow even stronger. The alleged file on Schumer includes things like pushing entitlement programs that are meant to give away free stuff for votes and adultery.

President Trump doesn’t mess around.

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