Obama Forced To Leave Washington Once And For All

Unless Barack Obama wants to spend a few million dollars to buy something he might consider worthy of his own greatness, his time in Washington DC is over.

According to LLOD:

Former president and Kenyan traitor Barack Obama and his family have been evicted from the Washington DC mansion they leased to stay close enough to the Trump administration to interfere. The mansion, a 200-year-old historical landmark on the outskirts of town, was costing the taxpayers $20K per month.

Jules Vernon, the man who owns the home and held the lease, told reporters from the local Fox news affiliate:

“I appreciate that he was the president and thank him for his service and all, but that house is a historical landmark and we demand that our renters keep it in pristine condition. That guy and his family not only put holes in the walls to hang pictures, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage to the original plaster, he refused to smoke outside. The smell of cigarettes in the house was the last straw. It’s inexcusable.”

Even outside of the White House, Obama thinks he can do whatever he wants. This time it cost him. Not only has he lost his home in DC, he’s been blacklisted from renting any other homes in the area. Looks like he’ll be going back to Chicago after all.

Oh…not to mention there was a “no running a Deep State shadow government out of the garage” clause, too.

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