Senator Lindsay’s Death Ruled ‘Assassination’–Trump Appoints Perfect Special Prosecutor

The time has come to get some answers.

Senator Herman “Hal” Lindsay didn’t die of natural causes, according to Rear-Admiral Thomas Phillip McCrakken. McCrakken, who is the Navy’s Chief Medical Examiner, says his medication was tampered with and that the evidence has a very specific fingerprint we’ve seen in high-profile murders in the past.

Those details, which will be kept to the prosecutor until a suspect is in custody, could become key in exposing years of murder and mystery if the right …ahem…people are involved. Senator Lindsay was going to testify against Bill and Hillary Clinton and possibly tie them not only to drugs and refugee smuggling but directly to ISIS and a puppy mill in Salt Lake City.

The Clintons, who are under constant surveillance now with all of the allegations against them lately, have been spending their days upstate on the two-person swing on their farmer’s porch. That may come to an end when they find out that President Trump, disgusted by the news, has appointed Congressman Trey Gowdy to head the investigation.

The first thing Gowdy did was refuse to take questions, saying that “justice will be served.” He formed a special task force of independent contractors to begin the investigation into the possible connection to the Clintons. Senator Lindsey was a good man, even if he was a Democrat, and he deserved better than to take a nap after breakfast and never wake up.

Lock. Them. Up.

Meanwhile, Senator Lindsay’s body returned home to South Dakota today where his family will hold a private service and burial.

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