Trey Gowdy Just Announced Undisputable Evidence Found During The Clinton Compound Raid

The raid on the Clinton compound in upstate New York last month yielded some interesting results, even if it was accidental. With a full compliance warrant in hand to search the grounds for any and all signs of criminal activity, not only did the feds find and lock away a murderer, they apparently also dug up a key piece of evidence that crushes Hillary Clinton’s defense.

Trey Gowdy, head of the ongoing Committee To Convict Clinton, told Crossroads correspondent Boustata Rolle:

“What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, are the 43 so-called ‘destroyed’ Blackberries that the Secretary testified under oath had been smashed with hammers as a matter of national security. They were buried in a strongbox near the site of the kill room found at the Chapaquadda ranch.

We also found fake passports and nearly a million dollars in cash, as well as what those in high-level spying or politics call a ‘go bag,’ complete with keys to unknown vehicles, 4 guns, a few days worth of water and some rations. What we have here is one of probably many such like it around the country and across the world.”

The Clinton Crime Syndicate may be on its way down, but with their clout and power, it will be difficult to bring them to justice. Even now, knowing what was pulled out of the ground for nearly a month, they sit calmly on the porch of that same house, sipping vodka lemonades and pretending the law doesn’t apply to them.

Newsflash, Clintons…Your time is up.

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  1. They know they are above the law……and so does everyone…..that’s why they can leisurely sit in rocking chairs on their front porch and sip whatever!

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