UPDATE: Sarah Palin Out Of Her Coma, Able To Identify Her Attackers

Sarah Palin is way too strong a woman to let something like this get the best of her.                                                 .

Governor Sarah Palin, who was run off the road Friday on the Pacific Coast Highway, woke up this morning and is in great spirits. Battered and bruised physically, she remains as smart as a whip and was able to identify the vehicle that ran her off the road, complete with license plate.

The California Highway Patrol says the plate can be traced to a small car rental business in the Silicon Valley and that it was rented using fake ID. They do, however, have a video of the perp and circulated his picture across the area. The FBI is using facial recognition software to track him down.

The man is described as a white male in his 30s wearing a baseball hat and a jean shirt. Once experts are finished cleaning the image they should be able to identify him.

Picture of the suspect

Meanwhile, Governor Palin has a broken back and thigh but her spinal cord is intact and she won’t face any paralysis. After a decent rehab period she’s expected to make a full recovery.

ORIGINAL STORY: Sarah Palin In A Coma After Hit And Run

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