Pelosi Daughters Will Get Full Immunity And Witness Protection To Testify Against Clintons

Joanne and Marcy Pelosi will disappear from the face of the earth and go free in the US Marshals’ WITSEC program in return for testimony against Bill and Hillary Clinton as the minds behind the transportation of their drug smuggling empire.

US Attorney Larry Beeman told Crossroads correspondent Louis LeWeigh:

“The Clintons had a fleet of ships and planes for their charity with established routes all across North America and the world. They moved the product the Pelosi family produced at a bulk rate until they were shut down and sold a few months ago.

Make no mistake. The Pelosi daughters have met with the Clintons personally. This is the real deal. A grand jury is in session right now delivering what we hope will be a speedy indictment.”

We’ve all seen the Clintons get away with murder but this is different. They’re being betrayed by fellow Democrats. Looks like the rulebook down at the DNC has been tossed out the window.

If the Clintons are indicted and convicted they will likely die in jail. Chelsea and the Foundation weren’t directly involved with the cargo business and have been spared prosecution.

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