Julie And Nicole Pelosi Dragged Into Court In Handcuffs

Nancy Pelosi’s two youngest daughters, Julie Marie and Nicole Lynn, were arrested and charged in Berkeley, California for drug trafficking. Their lawyer managed to keep the arrest quiet for the sake of an ongoing investigation and plea deal, but now that they were taken in full view of the public into federal court for arraignment, the cat is out of the bag.

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The two women, 24 and 27-years-old, were caught at the border with more than 200 pounds of pure cocaine in their Winnebago. The girls tried to use their name to get through customs without being searched. It didn’t work.After agreeing to wear a wire for a lower charge, they were booked in officially for

After agreeing to wear a wire for a lower charge, they were booked in officially for trafficking under 50 pounds of a controlled substance rather than over 50 pounds or a class A narcotic. Basically, they’ll see the same punishment as someone caught with 49 pounds of pot, which in today’s day and age is next to nothing.

Nancy Pelosi’s office didn’t elaborate but did state that the women are grown adults who made their own choices. They were afforded all of the luxury and privilege a couple of girls from a wealthy California family would expect. They will be on their own to deal with the mess they created for themselves.

Let’s see…charged with a Class D felony instead of a Class B with sentencing guidelines more than 25 years different? Yeah, doesn’t sound like anyone intervened already.

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