MAJOR Announcement From SCOTUS: Trump Is Going To Get Another Supreme Court Pick

The Supreme Court this morning released a statement that it will be losing another justice. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is nearly 90-years-old, has been deemed unfit for the bench by her own doctor and will be forced to retire on Friday after one final session. Chief Justice Roberts has suspended all cases of matter until next week in light of the news. His spokesman

“Nobody can force Ginsburg to step down. She has volunteered to retire herself at the conclusion of a full week, which she has certainly earned. However, the court won’t hear any cases on anything more than procedural matters until next Monday to maintain the integrity of the bench.”

That means that Donald Trump will be able to nominate a conservative jurist to replace a liberal one, flipping the court to the side of true equality, religious freedom and life. Christians and the unborn will take precedence again in this country as God intended. Justices Roberts and Thomas haven’t said specifically that Roe v Wade would be overturned but that they would be “interested in hearing” the modern argument for the 1972 case.

Slowly but surely, America is falling in line.