Pelosi Daughters Just Gave Up Their Mom To Stay Out Of Jail

Heather and Nicole Pelosi will turn state’s evidence against their own mother in exchange for immunity in their recent arrest for trafficking cocaine. They are prepared to point the finger at the highest ranking Democrat in Washington as the mastermind behind their smuggling operation.

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Erin Rachel, lead investigator and the mind behind the operation that brought down the Pelosi girls, says their “little thing” was actually a well-organized, well-funded machine that pumped hundreds of pounds of cocaine into the American addiction problem every two weeks:

“These young women were moving substantial product by using military-only checkpoints to cross from Mexico. Not only did they use their mother’s name, she called ahead several times to remind the watch that they were coming through with diplomatic documents in a marked satchel.”

It’s a brilliant ruse, really. It’s one politicians often use when traveling across North American borders.”

The Pelosi girls found themselves in a pickle when they were pulled over in Mexico, showed their diplomatic immunity and were escorted to the border crossing in Tijuana. They were taken down by Border Patrol and handed to the DEA within minutes.

Now they want to go after Pelosi for misuse of power, breach of congressional ethics and unlawful use of office for personal gain, all of which would see her resign quickly or face the possibility of a treason charge. On top of that, if she is in any way tied to the drugs, she could be looking at what would certainly be a life sentence.

What a shame that would be.